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When it sounds good it is good - Duke Ellington
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Below are the 10 most recent journal entries recorded in Chad is my legal name's LiveJournal:

Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
8:11 pm
Hey Everybody
Hey I havent updated in like a bazillion years and yes that is a new number I created it. I havent updated because im just plain lazy. No I haven't been that busy just plain lazy I'm not going lie. Yep so I'm just hanging out at my computer because I'm bored and there is nothing on T.V. I'll probably go play my guitar soon, but that involves walking so I might not go do that. I was also thinking about eating, but yet again involves moving and I think I used up all my moving time today. So after church today I went and ate at the Hob Nob with my friends good times. So watching the barret-jackson car show was cool. (if you don't know what it is the biggest and best car show in the world. Actually it is more of an auction cuz they sell every car on it. So this one vehicle went for over a million dollars
Bye for now
Saturday, December 24th, 2005
12:55 pm
Christmas is here
Horay today is christmas eve. Last Tuesday I turned 16. And yesterday i got my license. I've already driven across town like 3 times in the past day and a half. On wednesday after youth group somepeople went to Jen C's house and there we made cookies. I left before they were done so i didnt get to eat any :( But it was fun cuz i got to see a lot of people who graduated last year that I havent seen in a long while. Then on Thursday my youth group went to that Dixie Stampede thing in Orlando. It was kind of lame I thought but our server guy was awesome. It was some fat hispanic guy named Pacco dressed up as an elf. Whats funnier than that. Plus he was hilarious too. On the way back way back we got stuck in some sort of traffic jam thing on I4. So we didn't get back to Sarasota till around 1:30 and i had to wake up the next day at 8:30. Today I'm doing a Christmas Pageant service thing at my church. I'm a narrator in it. THen after that my family, my grandpa, my friend joe and his mom are all going out to eat at the Olive Garden. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember. Then we go to my Grandpa's duplex thing for the remainder of the night.
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
1:53 pm
Hi Everybody. Today is Sunday and I dont have to go to school tomorrow cuz it is Christmas Break HORAY!!!!! Well anyway last night was pretty sweet I went to the Not My Own Christmas Party/concert thing. It was pretty sweet you if didnt go you missed out on some fun. We had some extreme game of 9 square going on. Don't ask me how to play I don't get it either. Well they had free food and music so it was pretty sweet. And i got to see a lot of my friends who i hadn't seen in a couple of weeks so it was awesome. The only thing that could make this weekend even better is people coming home from colllege. Which they did!!!! Horay! Well my b-day is tuesday and i get my license Friday. I cannot wait till then. Also i just figured out how to play Pressing On on the guitar. So anyway so far it is a good weekend.
Thursday, December 15th, 2005
10:47 am
Christmas Caroling
Last night at youth group we went christmas caroling, but the best part was like 30 of us rode in the back of this huge truck. It made it seem we were trying to cross the border as illegal immigrants. All we needed was a tarp to do it. But anyway we went around to a bunch of old peoples house and sang to them. IT was fun and got kind of cold riding in the back of the truck. Tuesday is my birthday yep i was born at 2:00 AM December 20, 1989. And on Friday at 10 AM i have an appointment to get my license. Hopefully i will pass cuz that would suck to fail but im a good driver so I think i will. Well if David could pass I probably can too jk.
THis is Chadwick (thats wat amanda calls me) signing out.
Saturday, December 10th, 2005
4:05 pm
Hi everybody. Hows it going in ur life. Today was like the 2nd best day of my life. The 2nd cuz im sure there was a better day of my life some time ago. But the reason why it was the 2nd best day of my life cuz i got a car today. I drove all the way to Plant City to get too. It is a 2001 Mustang GT and it is red. Tonight is the last night of celebration of praise yea!!!!!!. Last night after the celebration of praise Me, Jordan, Aj, and Chris saw the chronicles of Narnia. The best part about it was we all went in our spiffy looking outfits. We had so many people ask us why we were all dressed the same it was awesome. THe movie was pretty good go see it if you like CS Lewis. Anywho Im done talking
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
4:19 pm
Okay this is a post about nuthing really. I'm just extremely bored so i decided to leave a post on my lj. Anyway if you don't want to bored out of your mind you might want to stop reading right about................................now. But if you one of my true friends you would read the whole entire post thing even tho it is going to be about nothing at all. So anywho i turn 16 in exactly 21 days and i get my license in exactly 24 days isnt that exciting. Anyone who wants to can ride in my non-existent car. But anyway when I actually do get a car I'll be sure to get a cup of pink lemonade and drive to Amanda Jo's house to give it to her. So today in Kiser's class we graded our vocab books and I got a 100% so my day started off pretty good. Then it got better I know it can't get much better but it did! So I'm in my second period Biology Honors class and Dr. Kipchumba said we don't have to take the exam if we have a A in her class and guess what I have an A. So I almost cried because I was so happy that I didn't have to take the exam. And tomorrow we get to finish watching Madagascar in her class. Anywho those 2 things made my day. I'm kind of sad that I'm not going on spiritual retreat but i recovered quite quickly. But i do get to go to Grace's play this friday wiht some of my friends. It is a musical of beaty and the beast I don't really like musicals but i get to see Grace in a fork or spoon out fit or some sort of untensil out fit so im kind of excited to see that. Now I'm laughing cuz i just looked at my random picture of sheep from Russia. I miss Russia it was cool. Anyway im going to have a shout out to my pal David Ray Nisley Junior and I'm going to say he should legaly change his name to Ray thats it one word but he doesnt like most of my great ideas anyways bye for now

Current Mood: wat a funny word
Saturday, November 26th, 2005
6:58 pm
Car Show
Okay this was one of the coolest weekends ever in my whole entire life. I don't even know where to start it was so cool. Friday morning me, my dad, my brother, bob (this guy who works with my dad), and his son brandon pile into my dad's H2. We drive 3 hours to Daytona for the Turkey Run car show. When we first got there we met up with Louie this guy who builds and cells custom motorcycles and golf carts. We walked all around the place there was close to like 2000 cars there mostly antiques. That night we went to Belleview Plaza where there was a lot of cars to but these are the extremely fast cars. People were revving their engines and peeling out in the parking lot it was the coolest thing ever. The next day we went back to the Turkey Run car show. Where I saw the coolest car ever. It was a 2000 Red Mustang Stage 2 Rousch. It had on it a custom body kit, engine modifications, embroidered leather saying Rousch, and Jack Rousch signed the dash board himself!!!! (to most people that probably meant nothing). My heat skipped a beat at the sight of this. I wanted it so bad except my dad said it was a couple thousand out of our range. Too bad maybe i'll find another someday. Anyway after that we decided to head out w/out a car so sad.
Bye everybody
Thursday, November 24th, 2005
5:58 pm
Happy Turkey Day
Hapyy Turkey day everybody. Today was a good day lots of food and football. To bad the lions lost versus the falcons i wanted the lions to win. So after i was done eating my turkey day meal. Me, joe (my friend, and troy my bro decided to go play frisbee. One problem my mom gave away our frisbee to some sort of charity (thats wat happens when ur nice). So we pile into troy's car then i realize we dont have any money. So i run back in and work my magic on my mom. Since I'm the youngest I get everthing so she gave us money. We set out first we went to a Walgreens they were actually open, but we couldn't find a frisbee anywhere. So we asked the lady at the front and I thought that she thought we were on drugs or something. 3 teenagers asking if they had frisbees on thanksgiving. Since they didn't have any we decided to head over to Walmart. We got there and found out they were closed on Thanksgiving and i thought walmart was always open. Anyway as the story goes from there we went back home without a frisbee i kno its a sad story but it did happen. The moral of the story don't try to buy things on Thanksgiving nothing is open. Well anyway have a happy Thanksgiving at least i got watch football.
Chad or as they call me at my church Teddy K (i dont kno why)
Monday, November 21st, 2005
9:44 pm
Okay I got bored again and decided to leave another entry. Even thought my last entry was like 10 minutes ago well thats what you get if you have ADHD like I do or at least people tell me. So I'm at the Blazer game against Bradenton Prep. We won but any way thats not why I'm leaving this. So it is around the second quarter when none other than Steph Beiler decides to leave the place to go somewhere with her friends. THe thing was she left her keys sitting there on the bleachers. So me and AJ are like there is only one thing to do. So we grab her keys and just take off running first of all she left her car unlocked and second of all we had her keys. So we get in start the car then move it across the parking lot into the Middle School Breezway thing. After the game I could hear her in the parking lot as I was leaving yelling where is my Car???? so I enjoyed that good laugh Hehe im evil arnt I
Anyway this is Chad signing off also God Bless us every one
Bye but more seriously Cya later
9:28 pm
Hi Everybody
Okay this is my first ever live journal thingy. So here it goes you know that Maxwell is a guy that invented a whole lot of physics equations and crap? Maxwell's equations represent one of the most elegant and concise ways to state the fundamentals of electricity and magnetism. From them one can develop most of the working relationships in the field. Because of their concise statement, they embody a high level of mathematical sophistication and are therefore not generally introduced in an introductory treatment of the subject, except perhaps as summary relationships and stuff... Sorry I like to break off into random subjects. Anywho as it goes im excited people come home from learnin or college as they call it now. I'm going to a car show on Friday in Daytona it is going to be sweet. This is a shout out to Nicholas Glenn MIller hows it going. Any way i don't really like complaining so im not going to like everyone else does and im out of things to talk about which is a miracle for whoever is reading this.
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