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Car Show

Okay this was one of the coolest weekends ever in my whole entire life. I don't even know where to start it was so cool. Friday morning me, my dad, my brother, bob (this guy who works with my dad), and his son brandon pile into my dad's H2. We drive 3 hours to Daytona for the Turkey Run car show. When we first got there we met up with Louie this guy who builds and cells custom motorcycles and golf carts. We walked all around the place there was close to like 2000 cars there mostly antiques. That night we went to Belleview Plaza where there was a lot of cars to but these are the extremely fast cars. People were revving their engines and peeling out in the parking lot it was the coolest thing ever. The next day we went back to the Turkey Run car show. Where I saw the coolest car ever. It was a 2000 Red Mustang Stage 2 Rousch. It had on it a custom body kit, engine modifications, embroidered leather saying Rousch, and Jack Rousch signed the dash board himself!!!! (to most people that probably meant nothing). My heat skipped a beat at the sight of this. I wanted it so bad except my dad said it was a couple thousand out of our range. Too bad maybe i'll find another someday. Anyway after that we decided to head out w/out a car so sad.
Bye everybody
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