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Okay this is a post about nuthing really. I'm just extremely bored so i decided to leave a post on my lj. Anyway if you don't want to bored out of your mind you might want to stop reading right But if you one of my true friends you would read the whole entire post thing even tho it is going to be about nothing at all. So anywho i turn 16 in exactly 21 days and i get my license in exactly 24 days isnt that exciting. Anyone who wants to can ride in my non-existent car. But anyway when I actually do get a car I'll be sure to get a cup of pink lemonade and drive to Amanda Jo's house to give it to her. So today in Kiser's class we graded our vocab books and I got a 100% so my day started off pretty good. Then it got better I know it can't get much better but it did! So I'm in my second period Biology Honors class and Dr. Kipchumba said we don't have to take the exam if we have a A in her class and guess what I have an A. So I almost cried because I was so happy that I didn't have to take the exam. And tomorrow we get to finish watching Madagascar in her class. Anywho those 2 things made my day. I'm kind of sad that I'm not going on spiritual retreat but i recovered quite quickly. But i do get to go to Grace's play this friday wiht some of my friends. It is a musical of beaty and the beast I don't really like musicals but i get to see Grace in a fork or spoon out fit or some sort of untensil out fit so im kind of excited to see that. Now I'm laughing cuz i just looked at my random picture of sheep from Russia. I miss Russia it was cool. Anyway im going to have a shout out to my pal David Ray Nisley Junior and I'm going to say he should legaly change his name to Ray thats it one word but he doesnt like most of my great ideas anyways bye for now
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