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Christmas Caroling

Last night at youth group we went christmas caroling, but the best part was like 30 of us rode in the back of this huge truck. It made it seem we were trying to cross the border as illegal immigrants. All we needed was a tarp to do it. But anyway we went around to a bunch of old peoples house and sang to them. IT was fun and got kind of cold riding in the back of the truck. Tuesday is my birthday yep i was born at 2:00 AM December 20, 1989. And on Friday at 10 AM i have an appointment to get my license. Hopefully i will pass cuz that would suck to fail but im a good driver so I think i will. Well if David could pass I probably can too jk.
THis is Chadwick (thats wat amanda calls me) signing out.
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i found your lj..its evan