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Hey Everybody

Hey I havent updated in like a bazillion years and yes that is a new number I created it. I havent updated because im just plain lazy. No I haven't been that busy just plain lazy I'm not going lie. Yep so I'm just hanging out at my computer because I'm bored and there is nothing on T.V. I'll probably go play my guitar soon, but that involves walking so I might not go do that. I was also thinking about eating, but yet again involves moving and I think I used up all my moving time today. So after church today I went and ate at the Hob Nob with my friends good times. So watching the barret-jackson car show was cool. (if you don't know what it is the biggest and best car show in the world. Actually it is more of an auction cuz they sell every car on it. So this one vehicle went for over a million dollars
Bye for now
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a million $ for a car? no thanks hahah